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Exotic Properties of Water under Extreme Conditions
La Maddalena, Province of Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia (Italy)
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Circolo Ufficiali della Marina   Lungomare Ammiraglio Mirabello, 6 07024 La Maddalena (OT)

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Opening Lecture
(updated April 7, 2022 )
Josè Teixeira

​Keynote Speakers

(list updated April 6, 2022 )


Thomas Loerting

Anders Nilsson

Francesco Paesani

Sylvie Roke

David Wu

The program of this International Workshop will bring together leading experimental, theoretical, and computational scientists from among the unusually broad community of researchers interested in water physics and chemistry under extreme conditions, where extreme reads from deep undercoled regimes to very high or negative pressures, ultrashort time scales, extreme confinement, etc…

The meeting will include presentations and panels with ample time for discussion.  

Invited Speakers
(list updated May 4, 2022 )

Sandro Scandolo
Christiane Alba-Simionesco

Antonio Benedetto
Paola Gallo
Claudia Goy
Marius Millot
UmbertoLuca Ranieri
John Russo
Christoph Salzmann
Riccardo Mincigrucci
Letizia Tavagnacco
Lorenzo Ulivi
Carlos Vega

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